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Maine Career Development Association

MCDA Mission

“Maine Career Development Association is dedicated to creating professional development opportunities for people in Maine who provide career information and career assistance to others.”

FALL WORKSHOP 2022 - Save the Date!

Narrative-based Story Listening Skills & Strategies to Support Career Exploration & Development

Facilitator: Mark Franklin M.Ed,P.Eng

Friday, November 4, 2022 

9:00 am - 3:00 pm (All day in-person): Berry Dunn Offices, 2211 Congress St. Portland Maine (5 CEU)

9:00 am- 12:00 pm (Morning session also available via zoom- keynote, Q&A, live demo): (2.5 CEU)


Program Description: 

People's careers and lives go through cycles of stability and change.  During times of transition, individuals must self-reflect on past experiences to help clarify important elements and explore possible next steps. The HEROICg Narrative Assessment System, developed by Mark Franklin and Rich Feller of OneLife Tools,helps guide students and clients through a narrative career and life clarification process rooted in life stories, followed by a guided exploration of their most promising possibilities. This presentation/workshop will provide an overview of an evidence-based narrative assessment system (that builds upon 10+ existing theories), as well as an overview of outcomes in how to help individuals make clear, inspired and well-informed choices. Participants will have an opportunity to see the HEROICg narrative assessment system demonstrated in real time, practice “storylistening” skills in reflective practice using narrative methods, and expand their practitioner toolkit with new practice tools and methodologies including access to an online storyteller system


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We currently have the following openings on the MCDA Governing Board:

  • Adult Education Representative
  • K-12 School Counselor Representative
  • Graduate Student Representative

Here is what some of our outgoing board members had to share about their experience:

  Kate Axelsen-Foster
  University of Maine Career Center
Being on the MCDA board provided me
   opportunities to get to know people                           in areas  of career development beyond                     higher education, and beyond the                               UMaine campus.

   It is so important to have relationships with one another, and grow a referral network. I enjoyed collaborating with others on programming and learning about what is going on in career development around our great state of Maine."

  Robin Tardiff
  Beal College
  "The MCDA Board is a great group of                         people who are very passionate about the               work we do. If I had time and ability I would           do it again. It was good to be a part of a                 group that has a common goal  and works             it forward together."

  Hope Lanza
  Port Resources
   "I loved the networking aspect of MCDA.
 a Board we did a lot. When I needed
 help, I reached out to my fellow
 members and all were responsive,
 willing and helpful."

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Congratulations to Marianne Cowan, MCDA President-Elect!

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